The Price of a Poor Decision

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Have you ever insisted you could do something you really couldn’t (or shouldn’t) try on your own?  I believe we all struggle with this – from aging parents who insist on driving long past the point of being able to do it safely to young whippersnappers who have something to prove. I guess this decision of mine fell more into the ‘whippersnapper’ camp, although I think it had more to do with stubbornness and less to do with proving anything.  But I digress.  While filming ‘Thin Ice’, I had injured my knee the day before our main filming was to take place.  I had been taken to the clinic and treated by a doctor who said he ‘didn’t want to see me again’. The next day, we were preparing to film some ski footage.  This is where I made...

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Response to Variety Article About Mark Burnett, Faith-Based Films, and Culture

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I just read an article in the Daily Variety (, and found it interesting in the sense that the writer is basically warning anyone who wants to make films that appeal to the ‘religious’ marketplace that the ‘non-religious’ segment of the market will…push back? Because we aren’t sensitive to the ‘priorities of dissenters’??? Does that mean that non-religious folks will not support us financially by going to our films? Does this writer really think that Christian producers are banking – i.e., including in their business plans a segment of the market that is NOT interested in what we produce? You cannot make a movie dealing with Christianity in any way – whether a historical film like ‘Son of God’ or a contemporary movie dealing with Christian themes without alienating a certain percentage of the population. Christ said if they...

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THIN ICE & ON the EDGE: Whatever Happened To….

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As the director of both ‘Thin Ice’ and ‘On The Edge’, I have tried to keep in touch with the actors whom played all the characters in these movies, and so I’ll fill you in on what I know. RICK GARSIDE (director) I have continued to work in the faith-based film world, only now I have a wife and six kids along for the ride.  I’m very thankful to have been able to stay active in movies, even though it has a lot of ups and downs. VINCE:  Vince, aka, Jay Roberts, married and has a daughter, and is now working in the LAPD as a Lieutenant. NICK:  Mark Parra continues to act and also owns ‘House of Champions’, a martial arts training facility, where he helps students of all ages. XALTON:  Troy Glennon – I last visited Troy...

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