Meet Joel ‘God’ side

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We all have moments etched into our memories – some like the gentle pattern of rain on glass, others like butterflies in a meadow, and some that are seared into our minds by the branding iron of hardship or trauma. I just had an experience like that. I remember clearly a scene from the movie ‘Meet Joe Black’, where Brad Pit is crossing the road and a car smashes headlong into him, tossing him in the air like a child’s rag doll. I remember how shocked I was – the car came from nowhere and changed Joe’s life – or death, forever. I just witnessed a similar scene, only it wasn’t in the movies. It was real life, and the rag doll was my 13 year old boy. Our family of eight enjoys the outdoors. I am a volunteer...

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The Price of a Poor Decision

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Have you ever insisted you could do something you really couldn’t (or shouldn’t) try on your own?  I believe we all struggle with this – from aging parents who insist on driving long past the point of being able to do it safely to young whippersnappers who have something to prove. I guess this decision of mine fell more into the ‘whippersnapper’ camp, although I think it had more to do with stubbornness and less to do with proving anything.  But I digress.  While filming ‘Thin Ice’, I had injured my knee the day before our main filming was to take place.  I had been taken to the clinic and treated by a doctor who said he ‘didn’t want to see me again’. The next day, we were preparing to film some ski footage.  This is where I made...

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