Faith Happens

Faith Happens


Our latest feature film, ‘FAITH HAPPENS’ is currently in the last stages of production, with plans to release the movie in the near future.

FAITH HAPPENS is like CRASH, but with more of a spiritual theme. Based on true stories that all come out of one church. It’s about a group of people from all walks of life and how their faith brings them together.

In addition to the feature, we will be creating a number of small-group resources combining special teaching, some of the movie footage and interviews of the real people the stories are based on. Keep checking back for our progress.


What do a drug addict, a pastor, an abused girl, a mischievous old lady, an African refugee, a cancer patient, an ex-boxer, a salesman and a Chinese entrepreneur have in common?

For one thing, they all go to the same church. Odd, but true—as is every incident depicted in FAITH HAPPENS.

Nine-year old Amy, who, in her own words; “has been grown up a long time, at least since she was five,” deals with problems that would break many a real grown up. She wonders aloud about why things happen and whether there’s a God out there looking after us.

John, the pastor, faces this question himself as his wife lies dying of cancer and his estranged son has dropped off the face of the earth. Taking care of the flock is far more difficult when the shepherd is going through hell. But in order to experience God’s grace, he learns, “If you’re going through hell, don’t stop.”

Sometimes we’re thrown curveballs, but it’s in the catching of those circumstances that life is fully lived. This is what Amy and others discover. Miracles do happen, tragedy strikes when you least expect, and God directs events in the lives of the faithful. Just as each one of us has our own defining moments, each character faces their moments of truth. For some, that truth means hope and freedom. For others, it means a broken nose. This carefully woven tapestry of people, intersecting at the point of faith, examines both.

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