Rick Garside

rick-garsideRick Garside is an independent filmmaker, a member of the Producer’s Guild of America, and recently wrote & directed FAITH HAPPENS, a film based on true stories all taken from one local church. It won ‘Best Film’ at the Life Film Fest’ in Los Angeles, and was the Silver Award Recipient for Best Film at the International Christian Visual Media Crown Awards. He also produced a television series based on the movie, due to be released soon.

Through Side By Side Films he has created and directed a number of dramas including “Hoomania”, “Thin Ice”, “On The Edge” and the “Jump Start” series. He co-produced “Pat Boone: Hollywood Pilgrim” for the BBC, was UPM for the Academy-Award nominated IMAX film; “Amazon”, and production managed the “Newtons’s Workshop” and “Present Time” video series for Moody and Zondervan, and “Jacob’s Gift” for PAX TV.

Rick line produced three feature films for World Wide Pictures – “A Vow To Cherish”, “Something To Sing About” and “Road To Redemption”. Rick directed the second unit stunt and helicopter sequences in their film “The Climb”. More recently, he produced the movies ‘Texas Rein’ with Beautiful Feet Productions and ‘Badge of Faith’ with Stonetable Films.

Director’s Reel

As a writer, he has a number of screenplays in development, wrote ‘Faith Happens’ and ‘Badge of Faith’, a pilot for the best-selling series “Mandy”, the pilot for a video series called “Adventure Team”, and has written several scripts together with Bart Gavigan of Spark Productions in London.

Rick’s primary focus is producing, writing & directing, but he has worked professionally in almost every capacity on a crew – including a couple of years as a puppeteer and builder for a number of clients including Jim Henson’s Muppets. He loves working with actors & keeps his directing fresh by also performing. He has played lead or supporting roles in a number of plays.

Rick also volunteers for various charities – and helped establish a local crisis pregnancy center, was president of ICVM for six years and served on the steering committee of a group called Premise – a writer/director group of professionals working in the entertainment industry.

He enjoys the outdoors—hiking, camping, and skiing. Rick is a member of the National Ski Patrol and uses those skills in a lot of films requiring an “adventurous spirit”.