THIN ICE & ON the EDGE: Whatever Happened To….

THIN ICE & ON the EDGE: Whatever Happened To….

As the director of both ‘Thin Ice’ and ‘On The Edge’, I have tried to keep in touch with the actors whom played all the characters in these movies, and so I’ll fill you in on what I know.

RICK GARSIDE (director) I have continued to work in the faith-based film world, only now I have a wife and six kids along for the ride.  I’m very thankful to have been able to stay active in movies, even though it has a lot of ups and downs.

VINCE:  Vince, aka, Jay Roberts, married and has a daughter, and is now working in the LAPD as a Lieutenant.

NICK:  Mark Parra continues to act and also owns ‘House of Champions’, a martial arts training facility, where he helps students of all ages.

XALTON:  Troy Glennon – I last visited Troy in the pacific northwest, where he was planning his next big trip.  He’s as outgoing and adventurous as his character Xalton ever was.

TRISH:  Alyson Davis (Thin Ice) – I lost track of Alyson.  If you ever read this Alyson – please drop me a note.  Leslie Ryan (On The Edge) Leslie continued to act and has been active in the entertainment world.

WOODY:  Kenny McMurphy has a wife and 3 kids, and spent some time in New Zealand as a missionary.  He is a worship leader at his local church and loves music.

SHAWNA:  Amy Lyndon (Thin Ice) continues to develop her career as an actress, as well as owns an acting school to help others along on their own journey in the film business.  Dyanne Dirosario (On The Edge) – She and her husband have 2 boys and run a teambuilding & corporate entertainment company.

ROSS:  Jared Moses went into law shortly after filming ‘On The Edge’.  He and his wife have twin boys, and he is now a DA.   (What a great last name for someone practicing law!)

It’s amazing how much can happen and how time flies over the years.  Every day is precious.  Don’t waste them.